Create the most energy efficient buildings in the world

Our cloud based Virtual Intelligence Platform helps project teams design the best buildings for the lowest cost
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Design teams can now leverage the predictive power of energy modelling simulation to improve their building at each phase of its lifecycle.

Users can conduct unlimited simulations or “what-if” scenarios to test the impact of architectural, mechanical and structural changes on a building’s energy efficiency target or whole-of-life building costs.

Now you can easily make the right decisions with the highest degree of certainty and speed.


The Platform will hunt and detect unnecessary costs during the design development phase while ensuring constructability and energy performance metrics are not compromised.

With our easy-to-use web optimisation workflow, design teams can rapidly simulate and optimise any Value Engineered idea to achieve a desired objective.

This shaves wasted capital from the design as well as operational expenses over the entire life of the building – saving your customer money.


Customers naturally expect that their new buildings will achieve the energy efficiency targets promised during the design phase. And with contracts now structured for performance, delivery risk is pushed onto contractors and their ecosystem to ensure this happens.

In this emerging performance focused environment you need tools that will not increase your risk exposure while improving performance, providing a win-win outcome for you and your client.

One solution to reduce your design and delivery risk

In the Architect, Engineering and Construction sector (AEC), participants are increasingly taking on risk during the design development phase of a building’s lifecycle. We help manage this risk using simple but powerful technology that guides users to select the best design with respect to energy efficiency.

In the high stakes competitive bidding process, winners are selected on the quality of their value-engineered solution and ability to justify its benefits. We provide users with engineering-like certainty around alternate building designs and the highest level of confidence that a final design will reduce project risk.

For buildings undergoing a deep retrofit, we enable ESCOs to explore complex, new or advanced energy conservation measures (ECMs) for any size project.

We add value at each stage of the Energy Performance Contracting process - from request for proposal, investment grade audit and the ongoing measurement and verification (M&V) of savings.

The Setmetrics Platform reduces the costs, risks and uncertainty of the project with fast and accurate energy simulation capabilities to help improve the energy performance outcomes for all project stakeholders.

Facility Managers (FMs) face a competitive environment where increasing cost pressures are driving them to provide higher value services with fewer resources.

The Setmetrics Platform allows FMs to broaden their offering to include building energy performance improvement services, thereby delivering real value as the trusted energy advisor.

The Platform’s simple-to-use tools enables the FM to eliminate wasted energy from operations, proactively identify energy upgrade opportunities and prepare investment-grade business cases to inform and support the owner’s decision-making process.