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Optimize building performance across the full lifecycle with Setmetrics' proprietary cloud-based simulation technology
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Disruptive Technology

Advanced digital framework for asset master-planning

Setmetrics is a technology company offering a proprietary SaaS platform that runs engineering-grade simulation and optimizations to improve the value of any non-residential building or building portfolio.

The platform enables the end-to-end refurbishment process of a building to be digitized - a major improvement on existing methods.


Make the right decisions for your assets with the highest degree of certainty and accuracy.

Building owners and service providers can now use the predictive power of energy modelling simulation, to improve the financial and operational performance of their building at each phase of its lifecycle.

Users quickly and easily create a virtual building or "digital twin" in the cloud to perform simulations such as "what if" scenarios and master plans that incorporate proposed capex and opex impacts. With great accuracy, the platform assesses the impact on the building's performance goals and forecasts associated savings.


Identify the optimal solutions to leave nothing on the table.

Setmetrics improves the value of buildings, by optimizing capital expenditure while reducing O&M costs across the building lifecycle.

The platform finds innovative ways to deliver optimal solutions to achieve a level of building performance not previously possible.

We provide you with the tools to evaluate building alternatives and make the right investment decisions with the highest degree of certainty and speed.

Track, Measure, Verify

Monitor project status at anytime to ensure forecasted performance targets are actually being achieved.

Building owners naturally expect that their buildings will achieve the performance targets promised in design, build, and retrofit projects.

Project teams can now confidently deliver - tracking a buildings performance throughout its useful life using tools that automatically measure and verify results in real time.

Project delivery risk is minimized for all stakeholders for the duration of the project with fast, clear and transparent reporting.

One solution to reduce your design and delivery risk

More innovation, less risk.

Service Providers like Mechanical Contractors can increase productivity, win more work and maximize savings for their customers - from design to commissioning and operations. Setmetrics collaborative platform extracts value from all participants in the project delivery phase.

It significantly reduces the time and cost to identify, design and develop the optimal building improvement solutions, achieving the owner objectives for the lowest possible price.

Your teams can confidently design, forecast and track a building's performance throughout its useful operating lifecycle, then automatically measure and verify results in real time.

Service Providers now have a toolset to deliver fast and accurate building advisory services: a powerful tool to enhance relationships with building owners and other key stakeholders.

They are engaged far earlier in the process, with the ability to provide valuable insights and strong business cases to help inform intelligent investment decisions across the lifecycle of a customer's property assets.

Incorporating AI technology, Setmetrics' platform learns from past designs and actual performance, extracting what worked and what didn’t, enhancing future designs and incrementally increasing your competitiveness and customer value.

Setmetrics puts the power in your hands, allowing you to optimize designs, showcase innovation and demonstrate strategies that support intelligent data-driven investment decisions for your customers.

Mitigate project delivery risk via greater transparency and collaborative stakeholder engagement.

Service providers will increase productivity, win more work and maximize savings - from design to commissioning and operations

For Energy Performance Contracting or (EPC) projects, Setmetrics enable ESCOs to accurately explore and evaluate the impact of various energy conservation measures (ECMs) and complex solutions including the evaluation of emerging technologies.

ESCOs can confidently design, forecast and guarantee a facility's energy performance throughout its useful operating lifecycle, then automatically measure and verify results in real time.

The Setmetrics platform enables each building in an EPC to be virtually cloned - typically a cost and time prohibitive task, especially during an EPC project. Leveraging platform tools and software wizards ESCOs can rapidly generate whole building energy models or “digital twins” for their project.

The twin is tethered to the real building and simulated online to generate “what if” recommendations - individually optimized to meet the exact objectives for each owner’s asset.

Fast and accurate engineering simulations are performed at the touch of a keyboard, harnessing the power of cloud simulation technologies and machine learning capabilities to seek the highest value solutions.

Setmetrics adds value by digitizing each process of the EPC - from the RFP sales phase right through to automating the ongoing Measurement and Verification (M&V) of savings. During the design development phase, ESCOs can hunt and eliminate unnecessary costs, while ensuring construction and perfomance objectives are not compromised.

With Setmetrics, development timelines are expedited and costs to compete are reduced. Delivery risk is minimized for all stakeholders with fast and accurate simulation capabilities, providing clear and transparent reporting in real time for the duration of the project.

With Setmetrics' powerful simulation technology, building owners can now optimize capital planning, align asset performance and operations to their mission, understand the total cost of ownership and reduce risk across their entire portfolio.

How does it work? Owners input their year-to-year objectives for each building in their portfolio including compliance, budget and corporate-social key performance indicators (KPIs) such as energy efficiency and emissions.

Service providers use platform tools to rapidly generate whole-building energy models or “digital twins”. A collaborative user ecosystem is created linking all service providers to owners with the digital twin at its centre. The twin is tethered to the real building and simulated online to generate “what if” recommendations - individually optimized to meet the exact objectives for each owner’s asset.

The platform can be used across portfolios. As more buildings are tethered to the platform, the system “learns” through AI technology, generating tailored recommendations in an iterative improvement loop.

The platform offers building owners a digital framework for assset-master planning. Our approach delivers higher building valuations by optimizing proposed capital expenditure and reducing O&M costs across a building's lifecycle.

Via thermal energy modelling connected to real time data, the “digital twin” now hands your teams the power to unlock the full financial and operational potential of your assets.