How It Works

As a cutting-edge Business Process Reengineering tool, Setmetrics has the ability to provide customers with a tethered, data-driven and differentiated, 21st century sales platform across their varied assets and customer base.

Setmetrics has invested years of R&D developing a world leading Energy Twin technology.  With deep focus on accuracy and speed, the platform unlocks new insights, connects people across the building ecosystem and drives optimal outcomes for the building Owner.

Centralized Data

The platform centralizes building performance and asset data in the cloud; capturing parameters, cost and condition assessments and standardizing best-practice asset management across the entire portfolio. Automate the digitization of utility invoices, building specifications and documents with OCR using upload and tag workflow to streamline contractor onboarding, asset management, operations and reporting.

Asset 14

Rapid Models

The platform’s ‘smart-default’ data and energy modelling technologies empower users in the ecosystem to rapidly onboard new buildings using the industry leading EnergyPlus simulation engine. Create models in under an hour and open the door to new project opportunities and unprecedented insight into building performance.

Built with transparency and simplicity in mind, users have access and control over system-generated assumptions and building model inputs. You stay in control while gaining the speed and productivity benefits of end-to-end automation.

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Actionable Insights

Leverage built-in wizards to undertake ECM scenario modeling, enabling users to rapidly calculate hundreds of ROI opportunities, convert ideas into financial business cases and proactively generate new project work.

Collaboration features streamline and modernize decision-making by supporting the building owner and their trusted advisor network to plan and prioritize building upgrades.

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Track Results

Building performance and upgrades can be measured and verified to IPMVP standard, ensuring expected outcomes are achieved and providing efficiency and rigor to reporting efforts. Account for the impact of competing factors such as occupancy changes and concurrent building upgrades to determine the true ROI for upgrades.

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Reduce engineering effort on project development by 90%