About us

Buildings and cities shape how people and communities interact, work and play. But they are in turn, shaped by the ecosystem of engineers, contractors and advisors who design, build and manage them.

We believe that technology provides a cornerstone to improving communication and collaboration, unlocking new sources of data and creating opportunities to drive new insights from existing data.

This information empowers our customers to make bigger and better decisions on a timely basis.  From engineers and contractors through to asset managers and owners, Setmetrics enables teams to remove the guesswork out of optimizing their building.

Our technology drives productivity and insights that resonate with the engineers, contractors and advisors and create deeper connections to building owners. When this ecosystem is efficient – buildings consume less resources, are more resilient and provide a better environment for society.

Meet the Team

Setmetrics’ passionate team of business leaders, engineers and scientists are committed to delivering innovative digital solutions to transform the built environment.

Sam Marks


Anssi Pitkanen

Anssi Pitkanen


Adam Muiznieks

Co-founder, COO

Brad J. Bateman

Strategic Advisor, US Development and Operations

Digitizing engineered solutions for operational efficiencies and financial impact