Digital solutions for the built environment

Setmetrics’ technology helps you optimize engineered solutions, asset management and operational analysis across your building portfolio

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setmetrics enables you to rapidly create a twin of your building, undertake scenario analysis to support optimal decisions and track outcomes to drive success

How we make your
building better

We provide the technology, processes and insights to create an energy model of your building, over 90% faster than traditional processes. This model becomes a decision-support tool for building owners, service providers and engineers to refine and predict ways to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and maximize ROI for operational and capital spend.

Engineering-grade technology powered by centralized data

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, we can help.
We offer solutions for the entire building ecosystem that focus effort and drive successful outcomes for your building, your customers and your organization.


Building Owners

Digitizing your portfolio empowers you to achieve sustainable portfolio goals while maximizing the return on investment across operational and capital spend. Whether buildings underpin your investment strategy, or serve to support your core mission, Setmetrics has a solution for you. 

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Service Providers

Contractors delivering service and solution offerings across the built environment are facing growing competitive pressures and increasing expectations from customers for more efficient buildings and greater value creation. Setmetrics unlocks new capabilities and productivity within your team to meet these challenges head-on.

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Use tried and tested energy simulation tools in new ways to unlock more opportunities with new and existing clients. Create accurate results faster and redirect engineering effort into building relationships and showcasing your innovation. Become embedded in the building with an ongoing solution that keeps you in front of your customer.

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Digital solutions for built environment professionals